Interesting Things.

About The Haunted Victory Ship At Tampa Channelside Opening September. "When Dr. Berwick revealed his scientific breakthroughs that alter the human anatomy into a super-soldier to Captain Grundy, things didn't go as planned. Pure evil and an uncontrollable urge for power drove the captain to insanity. Once he was capable of performing the operations himself, he locked Dr. Berwick away and transformed his crew into an army of elite killing machines. Left with nothing to do, but rot the doctor managed to breakout of the hold where he was being held captive and set fire to the entire room before his escape. The Captain then released his experiments, to track down and kill Dr. Berwick and any one else they encounter. There is only one way out, through the ship. You will be forced to go deep into the hull of the SS American Victory where the Experiments lurk waiting for you to experience the ONSLAUGHT."

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