About Me

Creating moments for some, capturing the moment for others.

Photography has played an important part in my career. Most often I photographed what was needed. Now I'm free to create whatever I like, what would you like to create together?

If one of the little free picture cards brought you here, it's the real deal. You could be someone that has taken the time put together a great costume. Or perhaps you are someone with a great look, or just part of a scene I thought you would enjoy seeing again. This is my way of sharing and saying thank you for letting me photograph you. I do this for fun and practice, not going to try to sell you anything.

I watermark images with a small copyright. The one I use for images on this website. It's to protect you and me. When marked this way you should have no problem taking your image somewhere to have prints made if you wish. Walgreens, CVS, or more upscale printers should be happy to reprint it for you. You are also free to give, post (social media), or share copies with your friends, family, etc. The letters under my name in the watermark mean: I'm using a Creative Commons (CC) license. I ask that you give me credit for taking the picture (BY), I also ask that no one use parts of the picture to make something else I didn't intend, hence No Derivative (ND), And finally Non-Commercial (NC) no one is authorized to use your picture for their business without asking first. If you wish to use it for commercial purposes, it will likely be okay, but please ask first.

You probably noticed in the gallery that Halloween is another pursuit and interest of mine. I enjoy prop construction, effects makeup, and building displays.

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